On Being Motormouth & Savouring Delights from Bentong @ Choy Hi Restaurant, Puchong Jaya

Kong Sai Tau Fu Pok

Kong Sai-style Stuffed Beancurd Pouch with Minced Meat Fish Paste (RM12/USD3)

Writing anonymously behind this ‘Motormouth veil’ has granted me immunities; escaping from awkward moments of being recognized when religiously snapping photographs (it’s a mental illness, supposedly) of the same plate of noodles or inducing crazed stares from passerby when lying belly first on the ground while shooting a flower, fungi or a bug.

But of course, out of these five-odd years of continuously feeding you with my doses of sumptuous poisons, there were those infrequent times when the random uncle/auntie manning the stall reacted in unpredictable ways.

I got reprimanded. Shooed away. Scolded. Laughed at. Ignored. Yet, I was happy about it. This burning, indomitable spirit of a ghost writer.

Somewhere, somehow … things ran slightly off track. And I guess, something’s gotta give. It’s a delicate balance of being myself vs this brash, forever-hungry Motormouth.

Crispy Pork Belly

Damn addictive stuff; this plate of crispy pork belly stir fried with caramelized onions, finely-chopped red chillies and scallions got us hooked from start to finish.

I’ll leave the grandfather’s stories to another day, coming back from a day trip to Malacca earlier. On a side note, the durian cendol from Jonker 88 faltered miserably while Big Nyonya restaurant (formerly Kenny’s Delight) was a good recommendation. Hands down one of the best Nyonya cuisine restaurants in Malacca; beating the likes of Ole Sayang, Nyonya Makko and even Nancy’s Kitchen.

Anyway, if you have not read the Bentong chapter, please do. An idyllic small town in Pahang featuring more good eats than I expected, I’m tempted to go for a second round and cover more grounds; until Raub perhaps … and this time will make sure to grab more of the red-yeast groundnuts.


Stir Fried Intestines

Stir fried Pig’s Intestines with Dried Chillies, Onions, Lard fritters and Scallion.

For now, let’s be contented with Choy Hi Restaurant in Puchong Jaya; dishing out similar Bentong specialties that you can also find at the higher levels of Pahang; Bukit Tinggi and Gohtong Jaya.

Their specialties include steamed river fish, steamed chicken served with ginger (hopefully it’s Bentong’s), stewed pork belly with yam, and various delectable items clearly depicted on the walls before you enter the premise.

We ordered four dishes; the irresistible crispy pork belly that will definitely go down well with a beer or two, the sinful rendition of stir fried intestines with dried chillies (a special-of-the-day not in the menu), Kong Sai tau fu pok and also claypot Four Heavenly Kings (4 Dai Tin Wong) without my perennial obsession; stink beans (petai), sadly.

Claypot Four Heavenly Kings

The ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ here consist of brinjals, long beans, ladies fingers and four-angled beans. No ‘petai’, sadly.

This was our second time to Choy Hi Restaurant, which is located next to Chiang Rai Thai Food, and the meal was still a pleasant experience. We could clearly see families coming in droves; tables of four’s and beyond dining in a very traditional communal manner; and age groups ranging from kids below 10′s to grandmas with nary a teeth in sight. Seriously.

A neighbourhood classic parked within a rather dense commercial area; so it could be a challenge when deciding on the venue for dinner. My advice? Come here on repeated occasions. The myriad of cuisines served around Bandar Puchong Jaya will charm you to pieces. When all else fails, you can still fall back on the crowd favourites – Yong Tau Foo and Bak Kut Teh deeper into the heart of Puchong ….

Choy Hi Restaurant @ Puchong

No. 16-1, Jalan Kenari 18a,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
This restaurant is located at the area behind of IOI Boulevard, opposite of IOI Mall.
Try finding Sup Pedas Kajang or Chiang Rai Restaurant, and you’re there.

*As far as the initial rants and ramblings go … no worries. I’m good. Just feeling a tad awkward after my cover has been blown repeatedly over the last couple of days.

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KY eats – Bulgogi Brothers Korean Restaurant with Cocktails & Wine

KY eats – Bulgogi Brothers Korean Restaurant with Cocktails Wine

When we think about wine pairing, Korean food isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, the only type of alcohol that’s associated with Korean cuisine, in most Malaysian’s mind, is soju and nothing else, not even beer.

So you could say that I was a little bit intrigued by what’s in store for us when I was invited to a wine/cocktail pairing dinner at Bulgogi Brothers.

Bulgogi Brothers at Paradigm Mall
Bulgogi Brothers at Paradigm Mall

Bulgogi Brothers is a pretty big chain of Korean restaurants that has its presence in Korea, the Philippines, Canada, and Malaysia. There are currently four branches located at Paradigm Mall (this review), Pavilion KL, Mid Valley Megamall, and e@Curve.

The one key difference between Bulgogi Brothers and most other Korean restaurants is that they are pork free.

banchan, including kimchi, lotus roots and even kangkung
banchan, including kimchi, lotus roots and even kangkung

Like pretty much all Korean dinners, we were served several dishes of banchan, or small Korean dishes to start.

The variety isn’t fantastic, there’s a bowl of corn, sweet potato edamame, then there’s kimchi, lotus roots, and a few types of vegetables. They tastes alright, but if you expect to have a dozen different types of banchan like it is often served at other Korean places, you will be disappointed.

makguli goes well with haemul pajeon (Korean pancake), spicy chicken maekjeok
makguli goes well with haemul pajeon (Korean pancake), spicy chicken maekjeok

Our first real dish of the night was haemul pajeon, or Korean seafood pancake (RM 27.90). The pancake is packed with ingredients such as prawns, mussels, squid, and green onions. It wasn’t too thick nor soggy, and I thought it was done very nicely.

We had makguli cocktail, the milky Korean rice wine with strawberry puree to go with it. The wine is unfiltered and made from fermented rice, wheat, and water. I would describe it to be like a powered up vitagen, tasty!

The makguli is priced at RM 25 per bottle, and a jug of makguli cocktail at RM 27.90.

soju needs no introduction, the corn soup was creamy and delicious
soju needs no introduction, the corn soup was creamy and delicious

Next up was soju and paired with spicy chicken maekjeok (RM 20.90). The chicken on skewer is not entirely unlike our satey but carries a slight tangy, sweet, and spicy taste to it. The dark meat is soft and juicy, and the stronger taste of meat goes well with the clean and natural taste of soju.

The soju is served chilled, RM 19.90 per bottle (Chum Churum brand), or if you prefer, in a sort of Korean mojitocalled soji-to at RM 14.90 per glass.

Bulgogi Brothers also served us a bowl of thick and creamy corn soup that was beautiful.

galbi kkotsal - boneless marinated beef short ribs
galbi kkotsal – boneless marinated beef short ribs

No Korean meal is complete without some good old fashion Korean BBQ.

Our galbi kkotsal (RM 72.90), or boneless beef short ribs marinated in special bulgogi sauce, came with a bit over a dozen pieces of meat, garlic, onion, and mushroom. In comparison with other places, the price is on the high side, and according to our host, this is due to the better cut of beef chosen.

I thought it was perhaps just a bit too sanitized and didn’t taste quite as flavorful as other places. It was decent nonetheless, but at over RM 70, one might think twice choosing this from the menu. It went well with soju, however.

bulgogi brothers special with black raspberry wine
bulgogi brothers special with black raspberry wine

Next up was Bulgogi Brothers Special (RM 81.90), a combination of Unyang and Gwangyang-style bulgogi. In another word, beef patties and thinly sliced beef, with the latter fried in combination with green onion and garlic.

The beef were pretty juicy and not lacking in flavor, portion wise this dish isn’t too bad either. The pairing was a bottle of wine made from black raspberries and plums, very sweet and absolutely delightful, the type of wine that is perhaps more appropriate for dessert, but I’m not complaining. It was delightful.

The wine was Bokbunjajoo and priced at RM 58.50 per bottle.

chicken bibimbap, KY, Haze, Hitomi, Marcus
chicken bibimbap, KY, Haze, Hitomi, Marcus

Our last item in the tasting menu was chicken bibimbap (RM 26.90), a popular Korean dish with meat, vegetable, and a raw egg all mixed together in a stone bowl. I never quite find a taste for bibimbap and this experience did not change my mind. Others said it was perhaps a tad too dry, I’m not qualified to comment though, I didn’t like it.

In conclusion, I think the ambiance and dining experience in Bulgogi Brothers is certainly on par with some of the nicer restaurants, food wise it isn’t exactly top notch, but if you have a taste for some Korean alcohol experience or if you’re looking for a decent pork-free Korean restaurant, this chain isn’t a bad place to start.

map to Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya

Bulgogi Brothers
The Boulevard, Paradigm Mall
Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
GPS3.108806, 101.59564
Tel03-7886 3543

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KY eats – That Latte Place, Ampang Hilir

KY eats – That Latte Place, Ampang Hilir

As someone who loves coffee, I quite happy to see that we are slowly developing a coffee culture in Klang Valley. While it used to be just a few big chains to consider when you want a good cup of espresso based caffeinated drinks, we now have many independent coffee outlets to choose from.

Today we are going to check out That Latte Place, a very small all-day breakfast and coffee outlet at Ampang Hilir.

beautiful latte, served at a place that looks like a vacation spot
beautiful latte, served at a place that looks like a vacation spot

The restaurant is hidden within Yayasan Seni Berdaftar. There is a small semi-alfresco dining area with a few tables and an even smaller kitchen.The man behind this place is Mark, an ex white color executive who decided to pursue his passion in FB instead of being a rat in the race.

I love the place, it gives me a very zen and relaxing ambiance not unlike one you get from being on a vacation in a tropical island a few hours’ flight away.

one of my favorite egg benedicts
one of my favorite egg benedicts

The coffee at That Latte Place is smooth, strong, and just the way I like my coffee to be. Americano is RM 5, latte and cappucino at RM 8, and I believe they probably serve the cheapest affogato at RM 6.

Non caffeinated drinks include hot hazelnut milk (RM 7), hot chocolate (RM 9), and some bottled fruit tea drinks.

hearty breakfast, fajita 'TLP' style, house egg ben
hearty breakfast, fajita ‘TLP’ style, house egg ben

Food wise, the menu only consists of half a dozen different entries, and so far we’ve tried half of them.

Hearty Breakfast (RM 17.90) comes with chicken sausage, scrambled egg with mushroom, tomato, baked beans, and served with homemade toast. It might not be as big as those big breakfasts from places like Antipodean, the dish is more than enough to satisfy.

House Egg Ben (RM 17.90 double, RM 12.90 single) proved to be one of my favorite dishes here. The dish is deceptively simple, but execution is key here, perfect poached eggs aren’t easy to prepare and I love it when they’re done right. The Hollandaise sauce is brilliant as well.

My lunch partners were happy with their Fajita ‘TLP’ Style (RM 8.90) and gave positive feedbacks. The dish consists of chicken in Mexican herbs sauce, classic pesto, and with capsicum and lettuce wrapped in pita bread.

Sheng, KY, Joyce, Kelly
Sheng, KY, Joyce, Kelly

Ever since my first visit, I’ve been there pretty much every other week. Parking is easy, ambiance is great, and the coffee is superb at That Latte Place, now if they only serve bacon… (it is pork free)

Unlike donuts, bubble tea, and gourmet burgers, the emergence of coffee culture in Malaysia seems to be a slow and steady process. Which means it’s going to stay and not taper off as soon as it gets started.

That Latte Plate is located at Ampang Hilir

That Latte Place
333 Persiaran Ritchie,
Off Jalan Ritchie,
55000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.159108, 101.74026
Tel: 016-850 3546

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Motormouth Visits Fraser’s Hill + Kuala Kubu Bharu!

Fraser's Hill Clock Tower


1. Fraser’s Hill’s most iconic clock tower in the centre of town

Always a  pleasure to enjoy extended weekends; a privilege not many counterparts in the other countries can boast of. Indeed, when push comes to shove; at least we still have a cause to rejoice for and proudly proclaiming ourselves to be citizens of Malaysia. In spite of the recent (and ongoing) political spat, I felt glad seeing Malaysians from all walks of life gleefully soaking in the summer air (it’s always summer …) while seeking respite from the heatwave up on the hills of Fraser’s.

Fraser’s Hill has been one of the most popular hotspots for tourists visiting Selangor for decades now; albeit I have to admit that this was my first visit and the general interest is dwindling amongst the younger generations; instead opting for the “Big 2 Highlands”; Genting and Cameron before looking at alternatives like Fraser’s and Maxwell.

Selangor Dam


2. The Selangor Dam that you will pass by before you reach The Gap; the foot of Fraser’s Hill.

To bring us closer to the end of May, allow Motormouth to relive the memories of Fraser’s Hill and the journey to Kuala Kubu Bharu town and beyond. Once again, if you’re itching for a bite, holding off on that pertinent nature’s call or within minutes from a meeting appointment, by all means, please read this during your leisure time.

Dozens of photos ahead. And a very liberal dose of rants and ramblings. Motormouth-style. 


Old Grocery Store


3. As you head towards town, you will find random shops like this grocery store that could have seen better days.

Driving yourself to Kuala Kubu Bharu town was by no means an arduous feat. About 70km or so away from Petaling Jaya, the drive is relatively smooth as you can use the NKVE, then northbound towards Ipoh direction along the PLUS expressway. We exited at Lembah Beringin exit and was led by the GPS through some pretty, erm, scenic yet extremely desolated route. There were abandoned housing development, the golf course with nary a golfing cart in sight and a couple of guard houses.

Anyway, the journey was smooth and we were on our way towards Kuala Kubu Bharu town. Until, the thought of ‘Why not travel another 30km to reach Fraser’s Hill?’ came to mind.

Coffee Shop @ Fraser's Hill


4. The first coffee shop that will greet you is this eating shop named Kheng Yuen Lee that serves a variety of rice and noodle dishes. You’ve traveled through one convoluted path to reach here; you deserve a cup of coffee.

Only that …. you should stopped over for a pee break or a drink (or maybe a lighter meal) before proceeding up the hills. The journey to the destination was one prolonged pain especially if you’re right behind some lorries, trucks or road hogs. Even if you are driving alone, the twists and turns will definitely push your boundaries especially if you’re prone to motion sickness.

Now you understand the light meal portion. And there is NO petrol station along the way or even up on Fraser’s Hill. So please pump first at Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) town before jeopardising your chance at surviving the turbulent excursion up and down the hills.

It took us about half an hour to reach the Gap, the foot of the hills before the journey got a little … perilous. The subsequent 8km up the hills will be rather taxing, hence be prepared to use your headlights, car horns and patience a lot.

Fraser's Hill Information Centre

 5. The Information Centre housed in the Inn at the heart of the town is pretty handy. Grab a map from here and remember to talk to the friendly chap behind the counter on WHERE to go and WHERE not to breach. There are landslides around certain areas when we were there, and he pointed out paths we should not traverse.

Upon arriving at Fraser’s Hill, the mood changed to a slightly relaxed tone; surrounded by the calm of the greens, vibrant/punchy colours of the flora and the smiles on the faces of the children. It was a refreshing change from the sombre tone of the warriors combating injustice and the scorching hot weather down the hills, that’s for sure!

Blooming Flowers of Fraser's Hill


6. The colder climate permits beautiful flowers to grow across the landscape of town; creating this artificial yet calming sense of beauty.

Signboards  Flowers

 7. It gets incredibly hard to get lost when every single landmark, hotspot and accommodation is pointed out explicitly on the sign posts

Fraser's Hill Police Station

 8. The main police station in town – since 1919?

Post Office

 9. And next to the police station, you will see the main post office of Fraser’s Hill

Fraser's Hill Colours At Play

 10. A dead beetle, the red postbox and benches at Fraser’s Hill Golf Course, and the sunny weather

Red Benches


11. Stretch of red benches for the lethargic souls …

Bungalows for Rent


12. There are several bungalows around the vicinity for rental and some even built around the hills; promising great tranquility yet not extremely accessible unless you’re driving or biking

The main town itself isn’t too vast to begin with. You have a police station, a post office, a few gift shops and a coffee shop for a quick fix. Then some inns and bungalows for accommodation.

If you’re lost on what to do or where to go, proceed towards the Information Centre where you can book your tours (hiking, etc) or grab a map and be on your own. Seek advice from the chap behind the counter whom was really pleasant that afternoon; showing us a clear outline of things to do and what to see.

Ye Olde Smokehouse @ Fraser's Hill


13. Ye Olde Smokehouse @ Fraser’s Hill – It did not bother me that the weather was nowhere as cooling as Cameron (which was not as chilly as it used to be), or the interior of the Smokehouse here lacked ‘warmth’ compared to the one in Cameron.

Light Sources


14. Light sources from all over the place …

Books, Display Sets


15. Ornaments and books that made all the difference; transforming this charming little bungalow into an attraction not to be missed

TV Room @ Ye Olde Smokehouse


16. The TV room where we spent a good half hour or so watching Pirates of the Caribbean waiting to be seated

Ye Olde Smokehouse @ Fraser's Hill 2


17. The garden, the courtyard, the wines, the steaks and the company. Pleasantly done.

Coffee, Roses, Swings, Charm


18. Of course, Ye Olde Smokehouse offers more than just accommodation; they are also famed for their food and especially their English high-tea with the renowned scones

By the Fireplace


19. The fireplace that was not functioning that afternoon (understandable) but could be of use in the evenings when the temperature can drop to a low of below 20′s come nightfall

Finally Seated

Grilled Rib Eye Steak


20. Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Garlic Sauce (RM55/USD18.30) – A bountiful chunk of meat cooked to medium doneness, with accompaniments of simply blanched vegetables and potato wedges

Roast Rack of Lamb


21. Roast Rack of Lamb (RM50/USD17) – Tender meat falling off the bones, interlocked with fats that infused the meat with a sweet, gamey flavour

Up for a late lunch at Ye Olde Smokehouse; one of the key attractions you don’t want to miss at Fraser’s Hill, we found out the hard way that they are somewhat under-staffed and the rustic structure of a bungalow has definitely seen better days. You can make your reservations first prior to your visit, but walking in without one was just as cool.

We were invited to seat at any of the couches in the rooms on the ground floor (upper floor is for room guests only), then the waiter took our orders. Thankfully, we were placed in the TV room. Hence itchy hands reached for the remote and the Astro channels kept us occupied for the next half an hour or so.

Once our food were almost cooked and ready to be served, we were ushered into the dining hall which was dimly-lit and reminded me of her Cameron Highlands’ counterpart with monochrome checkered-floors, wooden dining tables and candle stands on the tables.

The menu includes a variety of usual suspects; Beef Wellington, Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, various cuts of Steaks, Roast lamb, Bomb Alaska, Crepe Suzette and English High-Tea served from 3 – 6pm.

Dining  on the Outside


22. If the weather permits, and the sun was not burning a hole behind your neck, go for the finest al fresco dining arrangement. Best to pop open a champagne or two and nibble on their cakes and savouries.

The food was not exemplary nor the experience deserving of a Michelin star or two. Accommodating as he was, or at least admirable for how hard he tried, the waiter was at lost when queried on the items on the menu (Angels on Horseback, anyone?). The service was not as quick as you wished it would be, but since apparently everything was cooked from scratch (aside from the sauces), the wait was forgivable.

Initially wanted my steak to be medium-done (I don’t favour blood oozing from my steaks, actually); the outcome was a medium-rare piece instead. But the juicy slab of rib eye was devoured with gusto, and the gravy was a fine choice yet not overpowering the flavours.

A meal for two came to a few ringgit shy of RM150/USD50; not a princely sum yet far from an average meal. And remember they DO NOT take credit cards (due to a lack of phone connection or something), so please bring enough cash. Or you can offer to wash the plates or water the plants I suppose …..

Allan's Water


23. Allan’s Water – A small lake where you can feed the fish, or paddle a boat with a partner at RM6/USD2 for 15 minutes.

Boating on the Lake

Battle Royale Feeding Frenzy


24. Indeed a mouthwatering sight … seeing the fishes fighting over each other for the feeds

Flower  Vegetable Farm

White Radishes

The Sole Survivor


Tweety Bird



25. Flower Vegetables Farm – Next to Allan’s Water, you can find the small farm with various potted plants, vegetables and fruits to purchase home.

There are several spots highlighted for you to consider visiting; one being Allan’s Water where you can paddle a boat or feed the fish, and adjacent to this lake would be the flower nursery and vegetable farm where you can buy freshly-plucked greens, strawberries, tomatoes and brinjals. Or grab a few potted cacti, flowers or decorative plants.

Aside from that, Fraser’s Hill also offers you a horseback riding experience at The Paddock to the east of the centre of town. It was raining rather heavily by then, hence we passed the ranch on the exit route towards Kuala Lumpur. You can also chose to do archery here, if you fancy shooting some arrows like Legolas.

By 5pm or so, we left Fraser’s Hill and journeyed down hill towards KKB town for an early dinner.


St Paul's Catholic Church Kuala Kubu Baru


26. KKB’s St Paul’s Catholic Church

KKB is a small town that reminded me greatly of the smaller towns around Perak during the golden years when we used to do overnight trips in Pengkalan Hulu, Gerik and Tanjung Piandang. By 5.30pm or so, the town was almost lifeless, save for a few Indian Muslim (mamak) restaurants dishing out early dinners to the residents or passerby eager to experience a slice of KKB life.

To imply that the brush of modernization has not left a stroke in the heart of KKB town does not hold water. You do see mini markets, modern cafes and amenities already set roots in town, albeit in a sparing manner.

But then again, like many of the smaller rural towns in Malaysia; the rich tapestry of culture and heritage was evident from the aged appearance of the pre-colonial warhouses, old school barbers and one very prominent bakery in town named Teng Wun.


The Most Vibrant Building

Kuala Kubu Bharu Old Buildings


27. Lim Guan Joo was where we had our early dinner before leaving for Kuala Lumpur, while the initial plan was to pay Sun Sun Nam Cheong a visit; this traditional coffee shop serving delectable Hainanese delights.

Directions to Everywhere


28. The sign post actually had New Orleans and Putrajaya on different sides.

Heritage Colonial Structure

Patent Medicines

Kuala Kubu Bharu

The Forces Behind Teng Wun Bakery


29. Teng Wun Bakery Confectionery – For more than 30 years, Hoo Jee Suan has mastered the art of making KKB famous kaya puffs and various delicious confectioneries.

Media Hog

Teng Wun Bakery @ Kuala Kubu Bharu


30. Teng Wun – Go for the Butter Sponge Cake (RM8.50 for a cake that sliced into a dozen pieces), the fluffy cupcakes (6 for RM4.50) and the packed with fragrant kaya (coconut egg jam) puffs that goes for RM1.10 each.

To find an old school bakery in this part of town is neither a shock or a surprise. But … to find one that bakes incredibly light, fluffy and tasty butter sponge cakes, egg-licious cupcakes and a flaky kaya puff made with kaya that was double-boiled over low fire for about 10 hours? Priceless. Whatever you do, don’t give this bakery a miss. They have been covered by various mainstream media before, yet success has not gone to their heads yet. The humble cake maker even offered us additional cupcakes (a marketing ploy maybe … but he seemed genuine enough) to bring home.

Curry Mee @ Lim Guan Joo



31. Simple dinner at Lim Guan Joo building (not sure of the name of the restaurant though) – Curry Mee and Fried Noodles with Cockles

Choosing the most unassuming premise for dinner; we settled for a corner shop bearing the name Lim Guan Joo on the facade. With nary an idea on what they serve, we marched in half expecting rice and dishes. But they only serve noodles; from curry mee to pan mee, and fried noodles to soup noodles.

The curry mee appeared fiery with pieces of beancurd pouch (tau fu pok), crispy slivers of crackers, fish cakes and cockles on top. The curry was flavourful, not disastrously oily or bland. The fried noodles with a great amount of bean sprouts and ‘ku chai’ (chives) and cockles fared less impressive though, tasting slightly underwhelming.

The almost 10 hours-excursion was not planned meticulously, and most of the items were made up on the spot or we played by ear; trusting our instincts rather than dead-set on expectations. But my first Fraser’s Hill experience was positive I might add, although many have argued that there’s just nothing to do up there. So, why bother?

But then again, think about this …. Don’t you feel that you have more than you can handle working and juggling your life in the city, why do you even bother wishing to do more when you’re up there?

Motormouth Back In Action

 ”More food and travel stories to come your way this June ….”

Jalan Jeriau,
49000 Fraser’s Hill
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel No : +609-3622 226

15, Jalan Dato Muda Jaafar,
44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu
Tel No : 03-6064 1586
Opens until 7pm

19, Jalan Mat Kilau,
44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu
Opens from 2pm – 9pm
Off days not fixed

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What’s Your Ultimate Dim Sum Experience? (Clan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Sri Petaling)

The Fried Stuff

Gone were the days when we used to see old ladies pushing trolleys and carts filled with piping fresh dim sum from the kitchen; shouting on top of their lungs …”Har Gau! Siew Mai! Char Siew Bao! Lor Mai Gai!”.

It’s no secret that I love dim sum. Could be the love for communal dining; seated at a round table where everyone’s eyeing for the same basket of dainty morsels, all the while chatting away in a loud yet not obnoxious fashion (every single soul around you is doing the same) and at times, vultures standing behind you wondering aloud when are you going to stop ordering platefuls of food.

It’s the experience. Of gathering a group of 3′s (since most dim sum come in triplets) or hoarding an entire table with food for photography sake or plain gluttony. Of waking up during the wee hours of the morning just so you can taste the freshest Har Gau or Char Siew Bao, instead of cold/reheated items. And how eating dim sum brought back extremely fond memories of breakfast at the old Foh San with my late grandpa.

The story continues with an early breakfast last weekend at Clan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Seri Petaling; famed for their Chicken Nest Bun (Gai Woh Bao). Read on for more ramblings on dim sum and life.

Early Mornin Crowd

So common now to see bottled chili sauce and heaven-forbids …. sweet/tomato sauce as condiments.

If you ask me for a place to have the finest dim sum in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor), I won’t be able to tell you. Yes, there are several outlets housed in 5 stars hotels and malls that charge you double or triple the price you would fork out for an equally delicious feast albeit in a warmer and admittedly, less comfortable environment.

Last week, I had the best of both worlds, literally. Started Sunday off with a meticulously-planned outing to Clan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Seri Petaling; the one renowned for their Gai Woh Bao aka Chicken Nest Bun. But more on the food later.



The Casual Dim Sum Experts

At Clan Dim Sum, it’s not uncommon to see a foreign worker rambling off dim sum names without stammering over the syllabus. Yes, occasionally, there are items that look nothing like what they mean (or trying to explain), but it’s more of an unnatural sight to see actual Chinese working at the premise. Go figure.

Then followed by a dim sum lunch at Oriental Pavilion @ Jaya 33 on Monday, a forgettable display of dim sum for lunch at the buffet spread at Swissotel Stamford in Singapore for the next two days, and culminating in a dim sum lunch (again) at The Han Room @ The Gardens yesterday.

All in all, though it might sound like an overkill, the actual succession of dim sum feasts were not.

Don’t ask me to compare the experiences; as aside from Oriental Pavilion vs The Han Room (where both are under the same Oriental group anyway), the rest ain’t apple to apple comparison.

Chicken Nest Bun - Gai Woh Bao

Gai Woh Bao (Chicken Nest Bun) – Pillowy soft dough in a shape of a ‘nest’ stuffed with glutinous rice, chicken, chopped char siew, mushrooms and caramelized onions within.

Come back to Earth, Motormouth please. This is a review.

Okay. Let’s focus on Clan Dim Sum in Seri Petaling.

I remember I have visited the vicinity for food quite a couple of times before. Yet (correct me if I’m wrong) aside from dim sum outlets, there ain’t anymore interesting eateries worthy of a shoutout. There was this healthy-eating cafe named Calorie or something, and then we had a forgettable Taiwanese meal once and durian pancakes at Capri Desserts.

Myriad of Dim Sum @ Clan

Nothing too fancy or reworked into disastrous fusion items, Clan Dim Sum emphasizes on freshness of the ingredients and well … no holds-barred dim sum.

I have tasted Clan Dim Sum’s Gai Woh Bao a couple of times. Mum used to have colleagues bringing back for her in dozens (no joke) and she would distribute to relatives and friends. And at least half a dozen left in the fridge.

By the way, you CAN purchase the unsteamed version for take-away, and kept in fridge for at least a week or so.

But I was not a fan. Maybe the freezing portion took away the freshness. And the liquid oozing from within became gooey and a tad salty after a while.

Steamed Cheong Fun

However, ordering one straight from the kitchen of Clan Dim Sum and digging in while it’s hot proved to be a wiser choice. The glutinous rice within was moist from the sauce infused with the sweetness of the onions, and chunky bits of char siew. The soft dough in a shape of a nest was a fitting accompaniment to soak up the gravy and provided a pleasant contrast to the savoury fillings.

If you have to order only ONE item here, don’t waste your calories on the others …. go for a Gai Woh Bao for yourself.

Pan Fried Radish Cake

 Not to splash cold water/throw a blanket disapproval over the other dim sum here, as there were decent tries in the steamed and fried items. But then again, I fail to recall anything within the realm of an eye-opening experience like in the case of the Gai Woh Bao.

Still miss the Lor Bak Gou (Pan fried radish cake), Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and egg tarts from Ipoh. Seriously.

Clan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Seri Petaling

No 140, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : +6019-382 5455
Come early, before 9am for a seat on weekends. They are opened throughout the day until late at night; 2am or so I believe.
Google Map, GPS – 3.066912,101.690793

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